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404 Insurrect is a game and app development company. We focus mostly on mobile games and apps. We currently offer two mobile games called Zombie driver and falling Sky. We are also currently working on creating a social media app based on an artist group and meets.



Juan Hoyos

Human Resource
Has experience in putting together many gaming computers, as well as fixing a broken computer. I have experience from working in the container to be able to talk with customers, as well as do many tasks at hand because of it. I have experience dealing with many clients that have difficulties in their life (mental illness, Criminal records) and stressed out individuals


Finance and designer

With a past CPR and Lifeguard certification I can put my skills to watch the store, as well as save a customer’s life if they’re choking on one of our products. I also have connections and can put that into my social media use to increase customer attendance. Currently works in finance at a hospital.

Graphic Designer


Draws/Designs and creates interesting characters with a detailed backstory. Has experience in animations and creates assets for video games.



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